Can I Use This To Cover Grey Hair?
yes You Can. Will Cover Grey Hair An Orange Red Almost Copper Brown Colour. To Get Various Shades Of Red Use Henna Only But To Get Various Shades Of Brown (light, Medium, Dark) And Black Use With Indigo Powder.

How Long Do You Keep Henna On For?
As Long As Time Permits But At Least 2 Hours. The Longer The More Beneficial To Hair And Colour.

Is Henna Black Or Red Colour?
this Is Pure Natural Henna Powder Which Turns Gray Hair Orange Red Or Existing Brown Hair Into Auburn. It Is Not Chemical Herbal Henna Which Contains Ppd To Give Instant Colour.

What Colour Does Henna Give?
if Hair Is:
blonde             –    Vivid Or Bright Red
black               –    Black With Red Glow (over Time)
gray                –    Copper Red
medium Brown  –    Auburn
dark Brown      –    Dark Auburn
red                  –    Vibrant Red

What Can I Mix Henna With?
any Acidic Liquid For Longer Lasting Colour Such As Lemon, Apple Or Orange Juice (all Can Be Diluted With Water), Tea (preferably Chamomile) Or Coffee. Some People Use Apple Cider Vinegar.

Does Colour Run When Hair Gets Wet?
only Initially When Rinsing Out But Not Noticeable Over Time.

Can You Use This For Nails?
not Advisable.

Where Does Henna Come From? Is It Asian Or African?
It from India

Is This Company Cruelty Free?
Yes!! All Our Powders Are Made From Plant, Flower Or Fruit, Naturally Grown, Cruelty Free And Vegan

Is This Natural Henna?
yes, No Colour Or Chemicals Added.

How Do You Apply Henna To Hair?
It comes With Detailed Instructions Sheet.
instructions: How To Apply Henna (permanent Hair Dye)
1. Mix Henna With Enough Lemon Juice In A Non-metallic Bowl (or Any Acidic Liquid Such As Apple Or Orange Juice) To Make A Thick Paste (like Extra Thick Set Custard Or Yoghurt) Cover With Cling Film And Rest Overnight To Release Dye. Will Be Lumpy But Smooth After Resting.
2. Next Day Or After A Few Hours (3-4 If Short Of Time) Uncover And Mix Into Smooth Paste. Apply To Hair (washed Or Unwashed) With Cone Or Simply Using Fingertips Which Is Far Easier (make Sure You Have Gloves On!)
3. Start From The Back Of The Neck Upwards Applying Generously From Roots To Hair Ends Until Hair Completely Covered.
4. Wrap Hair With Plastic Wrap And Leave In For As Long As You Can But For At Least 2 Hours.
5. Wash Henna Out With Shampoo Or Rinse Out Thoroughly If You Washed Hair Before Applying. Finish Hair Off As Normal Or, If Using Indigo After Henna To Achieve Black Hair, Towel Dry Hair And Apply Indigo.
6. Hair Colour Will Get Darker Within 2-3 Days.